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TopFunnel is now Teamable

TopFunnel relaunched as Teamable, emphasizing their philosophy of creating fulfilling workplaces through meaningful team connections. Their end-to-end platform aims to simplify and improve recruitment to build efficient, equitable, and forward-thinking workforces.

Alex Morgan joins Teamable

USWNT Co-Captain, Alex Morgan, joins Teamable as Chief Inspiration Officer. Her expertise in building winning teams and work fulfillment will contribute to an equitable and efficient workforce of the future.

Crosschq and Teamable Announce Partnership

Crosschq and Teamable partner to offer a data-driven talent acquisition solution. Their collaboration sources and engages candidates, utilizes referral networks, and reduces recruiter inefficiencies for improved outcomes.

Google Employees No Longer As Popular Among Startup Headhunters

Startup founders are increasingly less interested in recruiting from Google, leading to implications for the tech talent landscape. Instead, they focus on hiring from large private companies or young public firms. Google employees may face limited job opportunities at startups due to internal promotions.

TopFunnel Acquires Teamable

TopFunnel, an AI-powered recruiting startup, acquires Teamable to enhance their referral-based recruiting capabilities and create an end-to-end sourcing platform.

Startups Are Poaching FAANG Execs

Teamable's data reveals private companies and VCs doubled their efforts to recruit executives from Amazon, Facebook, and Google between April and October 2020. They entice candidates with 50% higher compensation packages than the large tech companies, as the battle for talent intensifies.

TopFunnel Acquires Clara Labs

Clara Labs is joining TopFunnel, a perfect match for their scheduling expertise to facilitate seamless communication between companies and candidates.

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