TopFunnel is now Teamable

TopFunnel is now Teamable

TopFunnel relaunched as Teamable, emphasizing their philosophy of creating fulfilling workplaces through meaningful team connections. Their end-to-end platform aims to simplify and improve recruitment to build efficient, equitable, and forward-thinking workforces.

Today, we relaunched our brand with a new name: Teamable. Teamable Software became a part of our company last year, but the shared philosophy of TopFunnel and Teamable has defined us since day one. We believe that businesses thrive when work is a source of fulfillment for employees, and fulfillment emerges when teams come together for meaningful growth. Forging those connections is Teamable’s highest ambition.

Fulfillment at work is one of the most pressing issues facing today’s workforce. Whether you call the tectonic shifts in our job market the Great Resignation or the Great Reshuffling, they reflect widespread disenchantment with the role work plays in our lives. That disenchantment is as bad for business as it is for people. If we’re going to solve this problem, jobs need to meet the aspirations of people as much as people need to meet the requirements of a job.

Recruiters tap into this dynamic at the first point of contact—the hire. From outreach to offer, recruiters and hiring managers have outsized power to make a meaningful difference in whether or not people find work that matches their skills and goals. That’s why we believe that recruitment is a vital part of fulfillment in the workplace and, more broadly, the future of work.

But finding talent has never been easy, and it’s harder than ever today. In a competitive (and expensive) hiring market, businesses need a simpler, more effective way to build great teams. That’s why we’ve built an end-to-end platform that connects hiring teams with the best talent out there. Our technology makes connections that are right for companies and candidates alike, connections that lead to hires where both parties can grow meaningfully in tandem.

We’re moving forward as Teamable because that name captures this spirit. Great teams empower everyone on them to achieve more. Teamable aims to fulfill that potential by meeting whatever hiring needs you have, regardless of the size of your organization. By helping companies assemble the best possible team they can, we aim to build a more efficient, equitable, and forward-thinking workforce.

It’s not an easy task. But we believe that setting big goals is the point of launching a business. Our goal is nothing less than transforming the modern workplace through hiring and recruitment. This mission informs everything we do, from how we hire our own team to how we serve our enterprise clients to our new name.

We’re Teamable, and we can’t wait to fulfill your team.

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