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Source from anywhere with our Chrome extension, or leverage our AI sourcing technology. We have the most comprehensive sourcing solution in the world.

Unparalleled people data

Other sourcing platforms repackage the same data. Not Teamable. We have the world’s best email and people data, enriched from our team and algorithms.

Enterprise grade

Our software passes the test in the most demanding production environments where security and compliance are critical. We integrate with most ATS systems, 365, and GSuite. SOC II Type 2 compliant.

Save all touches & collaborate

Log all touches with candidates, whether on email or LinkedIn. Add candidates notes, reminders, and tag teammates. Stay on top of it all with Teamable.

Delegate sending and replying permissions

You can easily send or reply on behalf of others (SOBO & ROBO) when presenting opportunities to candidates, so that all teammates can collaborate to put a great foot forward.



Seamlessly integrate inbound candidates into your sourcing process. Teamable will watch for new applicants and elevate the best matches for the role.

Find the needle in the haystack

Share examples of candidates your company has hired or a few profiles of candidates on your hiring wishlist and Teamable will prioritize which profiles to review. Our powerful AI learns from over 500M profiles and billions of hiring decisions.

Easily tune what you like (and don’t)

Share example profiles, skills, or company backgrounds, and Teamable will build a smart representation of candidates that meet the criteria of what you’re looking for. These parameters can be easily adjusted as your search evolves.

Search made easy

Teamable adds our candidate metadata to every applicant. So you can quickly see who worked at a particular place, for example. And approve them in one click, synced to your ATS.

Fully integrated across channels

Teamable Inbound is fully integrated with Outbound and Referrals. If an applicant is already in your network or was sourced before, that context is visible across each channel so you are able to take informed action, or even backchannel.



Track all candidate experience and touchpoints over time. Collaborate with your entire team to make for a great experience.

Candidate details, all field searchable

Teamable helps you create a comprehensive network of talented candidates. We have the CRM that gives you the ease and flexibility to find who and what you need to keep this network engaged and nurtured over time.

ATS sync, for all candidates

Don’t worry about managing your candidate network across multiple sources of truth. Teamable will keep all candidates from your ATS as well as those sourced through the Teamable platform in one place, so you can manage your network in a strategic and comprehensive way from a single pane of glass.

Real-time candidate data

Our candidate data is updated every quarter by default, for all 500M+ profiles. We are constantly growing, improving, and updating the data on a regular basis.



We’re here to help you build diverse teams. Our technology can show you how your company is tracking towards diversity goals, while ensuring you build the team you need.

No fee, ever

We will never charge extra for our diversity capabilities. This is important to our company, and some things are more important than revenue.

AI models

Our AI models make sensible estimates about candidate diversity based on a variety of features, including name and photo.

AI as a plus

We are built to eliminate human bias. We believe using AI models, ones that make decisions based on impartial surface data, actually help build more equitable, diverse teams.

You’re in control

Teamable Diversity is up to you to configure. You can define what comprises an underrepresented group for your team. You can also turn it off entirely.

Aggregate data always

We absolutely never report data for an individual candidate, only at an aggregate level. We want you to have a reliable, directionally correct view of how you’re tracking toward diversity goals.



Understand where to look, what to say, and how you're doing with Teamable Intelligence.

Understand the labor market

Teamable can help you see how talent works, so you can build a winning strategy. We can cover location, roles, diversity, and more. Our insights have powered groundbreaking media coverage in Axios and The Information.

And understand what to say

Teamable learns from millions of conversations, both what to say and how to say it. We can tell you how candidates are replying to recruiting messages, so yours can stand out.

Benchmarks to compare your team

See how you stack up vs anonymous, competitive companies, in real time. Teamable helps you set winning targets for your recruiting strategy, and our products help you hit them.

End to end ATS reporting

With Teamable’s reporting view, our experts can create custom reports that combine candidate features (like University, years of experience, etc.) on demand for no additional cost.


We want to help you build diverse teams. Our AI models make sensible calls about candidate diversity. We take great care to only show aggregate data, never individual, so you have a view into how you’re doing in fulfilling your diversity hiring goals.



Harness the power of your team's collective network to scale, manage, and track your employee referral program as a natural extension of your recruiting process.

Grow your team, with your team

Unlock the full potential of your team's network with Teamable, and leverage those connections to build a dream team. Our data shows warm referrals can multiply interest rates by 6x!

Easy and powerful searches

Effortlessly search through your team's network, and request introductions with a single click.

Make referrals easy

Teamable allows employees to easily connect their networks and make referrals - we facilitate this by showing the best candidates within their networks for every job.

Seamless integration with Teamable's sourcing workflow

Our referral engine integrates seamlessly with our sourcing workflow to save you time and make sure you’re getting the most out of all referral opportunities.

Start scaling today

Get started with Teamable and take your recruiting and hiring game to the next level.