Humanly Acquires Teamable

Humanly Acquires Teamable

Introducing an AI-First End-to-End Recruiting Powerhouse

Seattle – May 28, 2024 – Humanly, leading provider of AI-powered recruiting solutions, today announced its acquisition of Teamable, a key player in the talent acquisition industry. This strategic move solidifies Humanly's position as an end-to-end solution that empowers talent acquisition teams to excel at every stage of the recruitment process.

The acquisition of Teamable enables Humanly to offer customers a complete suite of AI-powered tools to source, attract, screen, schedule, and convert candidates, at scale. According to industry experts, AI is rapidly transforming the recruiting landscape, enabling companies to identify, attract, and engage top talent more efficiently than ever before. By joining forces, Humanly and Teamable are poised to lead this transformation, offering customers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline their recruitment processes and drive better outcomes for candidates and recruiting teams.

“Our acquisition of Teamable marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower talent acquisition teams," said Prem Kumar, CEO of Humanly. "Together, we are redefining talent acquisition by providing customers with the tools they need not only to find the best candidates but also to engage and convert them effectively. We are making the dream of posting a job and having qualified candidates appear on your calendar – without the manual effort in-between – a reality. This is a huge step towards delivering exceptional value to our customers.”

Matthew Raymond, CEO of Teamable, will join Humanly as VP of Product. He notes "our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them even more value through this acquisition. This is an exciting opportunity for us to join forces with Humanly. By combining our strengths, we deliver customers a comprehensive solution that addresses their most pressing recruitment challenges. Together, we will set new standards for efficiency and effectiveness in talent acquisition."

The last year has been filled with significant customer wins for both Humanly and Teamable, underscoring the effectiveness of their solutions. Companies across industries have praised Humanly for its ability to automate time-consuming tasks in talent acquisition, such as resume screening and candidate scheduling. This allows recruiters to focus on building relationships with candidates. Similarly, Teamable has received recognition for its innovative approach to sourcing, candidate engagement, and advanced analytics capabilities. This enables companies to find top talent and improve team efficiency metrics.

Raising the Bar: Putting Candidates First, With Recruiting Teams in the Driving Seat

In the rapidly evolving landscape of HR tech, Humanly's acquisition of Teamable marks a pivotal moment. Humanly will integrate Teamable's capabilities into their AI-driven platform. The Humanly team views the acquisition as more than “simply” an acquisition, it’s advancing a vision. Being the "first" AI-powered end-to-end recruiting solution means more than just innovation; it's about leveling the playing field and providing cutting-edge solutions historically not available to mid-market organizations. Humanly is committed to providing operational insights that are holistic, recognizing that point solutions lead to fragmented data and poor experiences for recruiting teams. Humanly was founded around the belief that customers deserve a single tool to engage with candidates seamlessly across their journey. This vision is about more than tracking across recruiting efforts, it’s about enabling human connection and timely hiring interactions. By designing our tool with candidate experience at its core, we're ensuring that hiring teams no longer need to juggle different solutions for each interaction, ultimately leading to a cohesive experience and integrated data.

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About Teamable

Teamable is the supercharged CRM, purpose-built for TA teams. Powered by AI every step of the way, they offer sourcing and engagement in a single solution, at a fraction of the cost of other offerings on the market.

Teamable has built-in passive sourcing, inbound applicant ranking, automated candidate engagement, and fully customizable analytics. It seamlessly integrates and enhances your ATS, or is a great alternative for teams without.

About Humanly

Humanly is revolutionizing talent acquisition with an AI-powered recruiting platform that facilitates conversations between candidates and hiring teams. Humanly’s products include automated candidate screening, scheduling, note-taking, analytics, and more. Humanly aims to establish itself as the global leader in ethical AI for recruiting, empowering hiring teams to eliminate the administrative work of running an equitable hiring process, at scale.

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