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Humanly acquires Teamable

Introducing an AI-first end-to-end recruiting powerhouse

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    Full stack recruiting with Teamable AI

    Teamable AI understands candidates on a deeper level, surpassing simple keyword or Boolean searches

    The HireGPT Dashboard

    Build AI-driven searches across the web. Teamable’s unique AI understands where to find candidates.

    Compose custom messages to candidates based on the job description, company information, and millions of recruiting conversations.

    Candidate replies are automatically detected and routed to the right place, delivering timely followup so you can win the best talent.

    See your entire pipeline in one place

    Intelligently consolidate all your sourcing channels. Teamable AI combines your entire funnel into a unified view, highlighting the ideal candidates in your ATS, employees’ networks, and your talent pools within our CRM.

    Prioritize best matches: Harness the power of Teamable AI as it intelligently learns from who you source and how they progress through your ATS to surface more ideal candidates.

    Effortlessly manage candidates within your ATS: Easily search and nurture candidates. Analyze past outreach performance so you can connect in the right way, at the right time.

    Unleash employee referrals at scale: Transform your company’s network into a searchable talent pool to leverage employee referrals efficiently.

    Teamable Campaign

    Send the right message, every time

    Teamable AI crafts personalized messages that get replies. Using our insights from millions of messages and thousands of hires, we’ll ensure your message resonates with candidates, every time.

    Unique to the candidate

    Leave generic outreach in the past. Tell each candidate exactly why you’re excited to connect with them.

    Unique to the role

    Make your brand and voice clear by getting to the heart of why your company and the role is special.

    Conversational AI Outreach

    Teamable AI understands if someone is interested, needs to follow up after they get back from vacation, and everything in between.

    Scheduling & conversational intelligence

    We seamlessly handle replying to and scheduling candidates. If something needs your attention, our AI lets you know that too.

    Success for companies at all stages

    of companies have used Teamable to scale


    Seamless two-way integrations with major ATS systems


    Candidates with AI enhanced profiles



    We have worked with thousands of amazing people

    “We tripled hires per quarter in our first quarter with Teamable.”


    Global Head of Talent

    “I have a strong opinion on Teamable. Teamable is the most necessary tool for any recruiting team. I’ve worked with dozens of tools. I’ve seen tons of demos. I’ve tried multiple things. Teamable is the one tool that consistently delivers.”



    “I think the tool is great, but the people that partner and support us from your company are even better. You have combined a great tool with people who care about their customers. I have recommended this to several previous colleagues and will continue to do so.”


    Global Talent Partner

    “Great tool to scrape for emails and send campaigns. High hit rate on getting emails and we have made several hires through Teamable or candidates sourced manually using Teamable's campaign tool.”


    Senior Technical Recruiter

    “Teamable is essential to the success of our business and the support we receive from Justin and the team is outstanding.”



    “We use Teamable to source at least 50% women and 50% under-represented groups at all times.”


    Head of Talent

    “Love it, love it to pieces. dont say that about any other vendor.”



    “Also I started using AI sourcing, it has been helpful. I already found 3 candidates that I didn’t find via LinkedIn.”


    Sr. Manager, Recruiting

    “I was speaking with a founder (Forbes 30 under 30 and whose company is one of AngelList’s top startups of 2020) yesterday and he said “Since I have found this tool, I’ve completely eliminated all other recruiting avenues and use this exclusively.” He then proceeded to poo-poo his friend who raised $15m and blew +$200k on recruiting companies that got him nowhere. You can imagine I jumped for my urgent talent need.”



    “Teamable is the only technology people want to take with them when they go to another company.”


    Director, Talent

    “Teamable is a game changer for high volume outreach and quality control! Best available technology of the it's kind on the market.”


    Recruiting Lead

    “I used Teamable at my previous employer and was the advocate for my new employer to partner with Teamable. While there are competitors for this type of product in the market, I do believe Teamable does it the best. The features and functionality of Teamable are vital for TA teams to do their roles effectively.”


    Technical Recruiter

    “Immediately with Teamable, our pipeline has increased by 50%, and our diversity pipeline has increased by 35%.”


    Head of Global Talent

    “Teamable has definitely helped reached candidates that I typically wouldn't be a to reach or get a response from.”



    “I love this company. Great product, great individuals, great everything. One of the best.”


    Senior Recruiter

    “Someone told me Teamable was the best kept secret in recruiting.”


    Global Project and Operations Manager

    “Super effective at finding emails and driving cadences. As a hiring manager, Teamable has been entirely invaluable for me.”


    Global Head of Solutions Architecture

    “My favorite end-to-end tool is Teamable.”



    “All good here! Teamable is sending through great people. How do they work? Is it a tech company or a recruiting outsourcing service? I've never had so many strong interviews in my career. Diverse and interesting candidate pool. Typically you meet 3 crap for every good one. Not sure if it's a fluke, or they're genuinely onto something.”



    “This is by far the best product I've ever used.”


    Principle Technical Recruiter

    “In 20 years of recruitment I’ve never used a tool like this, I had no idea what I was missing. I love the ease of use and I really like the fact that Teamable scrapes the emails for me and I don’t need to use a separate tool for that. Plus I just love the customer service and sales team. Thank you so much!!”


    Global Talent Acquisition Partner

    “The offerings and support that Teamable provides makes my job SO much easier! From the templates and automated inputs that make messages automatically customized, to the follow up messages and Clara--this platform is my favorite technology to have as a recruiter!”


    Senior Recruiter

    “I am a big fan of the ability to scrape candidates from LI and Teamable doing all the work on the backend automatically. Also, the Sentence feature is powerful. Email discovery is outperforming other tools we are using.”


    Head of Talent

    “Teamable - It is straight-up amazing. So, so, so productive.”


    Venture Partner

    “We work with a lot of vendors, and your guys are by far the best in terms of customer support.”


    VP, People & Recruiting

    “Teamable’s Inbound product has been an amazing feature for us. We’ve opened jobs and seen 500 applicants over night, so the filtering has been huge.”


    Talent Operations Manager

    “It’s helped me a ton very efficiently source alongside my recruiters. Love how automated everything is and the metrics to help me track progress. It’s also intuitive to use.”


    Director of Sales Engineering

    “Teamable makes Gem look outdated, and I really liked Gem!”



    “Love the team. Love the product.”


    Head of Talent

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