Teamable and Byteboard Announce Partnership

Teamable and Byteboard Announce Partnership

For better efficiency across recruiting

People organizations have long been subject to disjointed software stacks. Fragmented processes slow down talent acquisition and stagnate essential growth, the effects of which compound as organizations grow. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Byteboard’s partnership with Teamable.

Our companies share a core goal of helping our customers hire more efficiently and more confidently, while improving the experience and opportunities available to candidates.

Teamable makes it quick and easy for recruiting teams to source, manage, and communicate with candidates, while Byteboard’s assessments evaluate technical candidates on the skills that matter for long-term success.

Together, Byteboard and Teamable deliver an end-to-end recruitment software stack that supports organizations at scale.

Sargun Kaur, Byteboard co-founder and CEO, says, “We are delighted to partner with Teamable to meet hiring demands of businesses who need to grow in a thoughtful and efficient way. Both Byteboard and Teamable believe that hiring and interview processes should be streamlined to support effectiveness and equity. Together we look forward to offering a better hiring solution (and future) for our customers.”

Create efficiencies

Both Byteboard and Teamable know that recruiters and hiring managers’ time is a valuable resource, and that their time needs to be spent on the work that only they can do, like understanding the strategic vision of the team and building relationships. And, operationally, their time is usually the bottleneck—human hours don’t scale.

Teamable and Byteboard give recruiters and managers the information they need to hire confidently, and take care of the rest. Teamable’s best-in-class talent intelligence platform automates sourcing, outreach, evaluation, prioritization of talent goals at scale. Byteboard’s realistic assessments completely replace the time hiring managers spend on technical interviews, with better signal on candidates than traditional or Leet-code-style interviews and equal-or-better outcomes in comparison with legacy tools.

Cut out expensive alternatives

An extra set of hands via an agency or RPO is expensive. Both the Byteboard and Teamable founding teams are practitioners in their fields. Byteboard deeply understands the role of software engineers—their day-to-day tasks, the technical requirements, and the other skills that it takes to be successful beyond coding. Teamable was built by recruiters who have been in the trenches of startup recruiting. In addition to a platform powered by their expertise, Teamable offers hands-on help to its customers.

Teamable and Byteboard offer the quality that comes from a wealth of experience with the efficiency of tech-enabled solutions.

“We’re excited to partner with Byteboard. Engineering assessments are complex and hard to get right. It’s common that interview focus is stacked toward CS backgrounds and fundamentals, and riddles that aren’t relevant to many software engineering roles. So a more pragmatic, skills-driven project, like Byteboard offers candidates, helps tell the full story of what a person brings to a role.” Justin Palmer, Teamable’s Founder and CEO

How it works

Between now and February 24th, Byteboard and Teamable customers have access to a special offer.

Teamable Customers

Teamable customers get access to 10 free Byteboard interviews, which can be used as part of your existing interview process. To redeem the offer, schedule time with Byteboard using this link.

Byteboard Customers

Byteboard customers get one month of free access to Teamable’s engagement platform, including unlimited seats plus onboarding. Fill out this form and a Teamable expert will reach out.

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