Advanced AI is at the heart of what we do.

Empower anyone at your company to recruit like the best. Teamable AI makes it all easy, fast, and high performing.

Teamable HireGPT feature


helps you transcend beyond boolean to include AI Embedding Matches. You can easily search with clever shorthand (like Top Schools), smart criteria (our AI knows React and Javascript are related), hidden insights such as company funding & growth, and more.


helps you reach out effortlessly, with high quality, at scale. Our campaigns use data to craft messages that convert at industry leading rates, like the best recruiters.


lets you get the conversation started via an async video interview, with insightful questions for the role.


helps anyone report on metrics with simple, plain English questions. How many engineering candidates did I source last year based in New York?


Teamable AI learns from the best recruiters and modern AI to create the world’s best outreach engine for attracting talent.

GPT-4 plus Teamable’s 10M+ data points combine to help create messages you and candidates will love.

Messages are tailored to your company and value proposition. They’re also specific to each candidate you reach.

Advanced control to automatically detect what candidates want to do next. It knows if you need to set up a meeting, if they’re not interested, or to follow up after they come back from vacation – all automatically.

Our messages convert 3x better than the industry average. Get better results with less effort using Teamable’s AI.

Teamable sourcing setup


Craft searches conversationally, like working with a colleague. Tell Teamable what’s required, and what’s nice to have, just like you would in a job description. Our AI Embeddings and boolean filters work together to help you see the best fits.

Search that knows what companies, skills, and titles are related, so you don’t have to go crazy building complicated booleans or piecemeal together a search. Just say what you’re looking for in plain speech.

For those ready for a laser focused search, feel free to utilize the most advanced booleans you can dream up

Uncover similar skillsets across candidates you’ve hired, those that have progressed in your ATS, and who you’re sourcing right now.

Describe what parts of a profile you like most (and least).

Smart filters like HBCUs, diversity, veterans, women, funding rounds, and more.

Integrate with your ATS and source for all jobs in minutes.

Teamable filter pills


Report on anything with a simple question in natural language. Forget about being limited by canned reports, clunky interfaces full of buttons and knobs, and stuff that only analyst wizards can do.

Of course, power tools are there when you need them, but Teamable Ops makes it as easy as just asking a question, and giving you an answer.

Sourcing with cards

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