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Teamable was founded in 2017 because we believe that something is wrong with the way we’re all working.

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Teamable is the only technology people want to take with them when they go to another company.

Kelly Liu, Talent Director at Sequioa

Who we are

Our Story

We are technologists and recruiters. This is core to the story of where we started, and of where we’re going.

Most recruiting technology companies are one or the other. They either start as recruiters who know they can get more done with great technology, or as technologists who felt the pain of recruiting, but don’t understand it as a recruiter would.

We have felt both pains, and felt them both deeply.

At our first startup, we hired over 200 people in a year and a half. We all learned a lot about team building, but our earliest days weren’t about writing code; they were as an outside recruiter. We signed up a few friends who were hiring, and they agreed to take any candidates we’d send their way.

“Good luck,” they said.

We quickly learned that sourcing great talent was the toughest problem, and by doing it by hand, we learned there was a lot that software could do to help: provide better data, create simple workflows and ease of use, jumpstart searches, etc. That helped us deeply understand the problem.

But just as importantly, we had felt firsthand the joy of helping people figure out what’s next in their career and making the perfect match. Those first stories are so memorable, and it turns out, every recruiter remembers the first few people they helped get hired — and everyone remembers their first recruiter.

Along the way, we wondered what it would take to build a company around what we learned so that others could experience that same joy. That’s why Teamable started, and it’s what guides us today.

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Our Pledge

Our pledge to you is simple: we want to be the easiest and most helpful technology company you know. For us, that means two things: 1) we build products that work well, and 2) our team helps yours do better work. We have to build a great product, and we, the humans of Teamable, have to be just as helpful when we work with you and your teams.

It means our interactions should feel different. Pricing and demo videos are on our website, so you won’t need to endure an endless stream of discovery calls with us. We do not copy and paste a standard sales playbook, designed to figure out what your budget is and then charge just under that amount.

This isn’t transactional. Vendors do it to us, and we don’t like it. We care about making sure you have what you need to build the best team possible.

Talent teams and hiring managers are all about people. Our team aims to be clear, helpful, and honest at every turn so you can make decisions that are right for you and your company – even if that decision is to go a different direction or to wait to work with us until later. We take pride in building long-term partnerships, and growing together through shared success.

If you see a way we could improve, please reach out or book time with me anytime. We recognize that we don’t grow without honest feedback, so taking your time to share is invaluable. Whether that’s pricing or features, or how we can help or what you see in the market, or just about anything – we want to hear it.

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