TopFunnel Acquires Clara Labs

TopFunnel Acquires Clara Labs

We are incredibly excited to announce that Clara Labs is joining TopFunnel. It is hard to imagine a better fit Clara’s outstanding scheduling experience will help get more companies and candidates talking to each other, with zero friction and unparalleled flexibility.

For current Clara customers, things will continue to work as usual. This is important to Maran, me, and the Clara team. People have grown to love Clara. We do not want that to change.

For existing TopFunnel customers, Clara is now available upon request. We are confident the combination will help teams ensure that candidates have a great experience, get time on the calendar, and speed up time to hire. If you are interested in adding Clara to your TopFunnel workflow, please ask us.

Clara and TopFunnel share a world view: there is a place for humans in the loop, working alongside technology, especially where there is a lot on the line. We both believe that when people and technology come together in a complementary way, we can create an experience that’s more than the sum of the parts. This is what Clara and TopFunnel are all about. Maran and I are convinced that how we work will evolve, and we’re just beginning to see glimpses of how approaches like ours will impact and humanize our day-to-day.

The first impression between a candidate and employer is irreversible; few things have as much impact as our career decisions. Bringing Clara Labs and TopFunnel together to build a best-in-class recruiting experience, available to everyone, is incredibly exciting. We’re thrilled to see where this partnership leads us.

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