The key to great hires? Proactive engagement

The key to great hires? Proactive engagement

If you’ve seen Field of Dreams, you might be inclined to think that “if you build it, they will come.” While the sentiment is nice, this is, unfortunately ????, not the way the world works. In fact, if you build it, in most cases nobody will even know it exists. That is, unless, you make an effort to let it be known to the world! While recruiters can adopt the inbound advertising and content strategies of marketers, it’s often not the most effective method of sourcing great candidates.

At TopFunnel, we believe if you want great candidates you have to go out and get them! This is where your outbound sourcing strategy kicks into gear. Instead of listing jobs and hoping the right candidate will come by, outbound sourcing involves finding the candidates you want for the position and asking them directly if they’re interested in the opportunity! Just like marketing and sales, with outbound, we can “prospect” ???? or “engage” with the customers/candidates we want the most.

To illustrate best practices, let’s imagine that Jeff, a potato farmer in Idaho, is rapidly expanding his operations to cater to the needs of his largest client, Four Guys Burgers & Fries. He’s looking for experienced farmers in his area to join his farm and handle the routine tasks of caring for his crops.

Using his crafty copy skills, Jeff drafts up some job listings and puts them on his local job board. Unfortunately, there’s tons of competition in the area, and Jeff isn’t seeing the types of candidates he’s looking for.

Using an outbound approach, Jeff can find qualified farmers by proactively searching for these candidates on popular networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Using a sourcing tool, Jeff can engage with potential candidates via an automated and personalized email sequence. See what that looks like here.

Now instead of waiting for qualified candidates to respond to his job postings, Jeff can proactively find the best candidates for the job. Since Jeff needs to grow fast, his outbound strategy will scale accordingly. Now, Jeff can now spend less time weeding through unqualified candidates and get back to improving his team and taking on new customers.

To support hiring goals, recruiters need to be proactive in engaging and sourcing the right candidates. Don’t know how to get started? TopFunnel can help. Schedule an introduction with our team here to find out how you can discover and engage with qualified candidates in your industry.

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