New with TopFunnel "Open and Click Tracking"

New with TopFunnel "Open and Click Tracking"

In addition to our new Outreach Reporting, we’re excited to introduce a revamped TopFunnel Campaigns Page that incorporates our new look and adds a few new features.

Campaigns now have the same filtering you can apply to Outreach, so you can view campaigns and candidates the same way across TopFunnel. Filter on your team’s Campaigns to quickly review metrics across your team’s sourcing effort. You can also pinpoint collaborative campaigns, with different sourcers and senders listed upfront.

We’ve heard you loud and clear — you can now track open and click rate inside TopFunnel! It’s easy to see who is opening your outreach and tune accordingly. We have avoided adding this feature to keep deliverability high (tracking pixels can get emails buried in spam, or off the Primary tab in Gmail), but they aren’t always harmful.

In plenty of cases, the extra data can be helpful, so now you can track emails on a per-Campaign basis. It’s entirely up to you.

As always, we’re excited to hear your feedback on these features or any other ideas you have.

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