Data and Diversity

Data and Diversity

Diverse teams create better products

A diverse workforce is crucial to maintaining a rich culture able to generate new ideas with unique perspectives. It’s a great way to avoid the unintended echo chamber that can often emerge from a homogeneous workforce. At Teamable we have the solution for finding the right candidate for the right role.

In this recurring blog segment, we will explore the topic of data and diversity, looking deep into Teamable’s proprietary stack to reveal ongoing trends and the outreach strategies we can perhaps derive from them.  In this post we will take a look at gender demographics in the tech world.

Women in tech

By researching our clients outreach by role type in 2020, one can get a pretty good overview of the gender landscape in today’s tech world.

Let’s first examine women’s representation across technical roles. Women are notably less represented, especially in the field of engineering. Our data shows that in 2020 our tech clients contacted mostly male engineers, with women making up just 24% of the outreaches. Meanwhile, the difference is negligible when talking about product designers. In fact, in 2020 our clients reached out to more women than men by the narrow spread of 52% to 48%. With product managers, once again the outreach numbers are more male dominated, with men accounting for 58% of the sourced candidates. As well with Analysts, where the split is 60% men to 40% women. So we can see that with the notable exception of designers, women lag behind their male counterparts in representation in the most technical roles.

Let’s now take a look at the demographics of some non technical roles. In marketing we see that women made up 55% of the outreaches. The field of recruiting also saw more female candidates sourced, with our clients contacting 66% women. As well with accounting, where the outreaches again leaned 66% female. The notable exception among non technical roles seems to be sales, where we can see that 65% of the candidates recruited by our clients were men.

So while we can see that women do have significant representation within tech companies, this presence may still often be most prevalent in historically less technical roles. According to our clients’ outreach data, women are still notably underrepresented in some of the more technical fields, especially engineering. This is both a micro and macroeconomic problem.

At Teamable we have the tools to help you target top female tech talent. Utilizing this type of market data, along with your company’s preferences, we can discover unicorn candidates and help you deliver a more diverse workforce.

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