Teamable + Slack

Accelerate your referral program by setting up the Teamable Slack app. Slack makes requesting introductions from your employees and extended network quick and easy.

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Engage your employees with the Teamable Slack app

Limit distractions from your employees regular workflow, and meet them where they’re at.
If Slack is in your daily tech stack, your team is already checking their notifications and finishing up quick tasks. Add the following tasks to Slack, and increase engagement and adoption:

  • Request introductions, respond to requests, and refer people from your networks
  • Connect and manage your network connections

Get the Teamable Slack app for Your Workspace

Setting up the Teamable Slack app is pretty simple, and only takes a few minutes.
Find Teamable in the Slack marketplace here, click “Settings”, and then ”Approve for Workspace”.

Next, from your admin settings, add the Slack integration in Teamable – and that’s it! You’re ready to manage your referrals easily and quickly, right in Slack.

Support and More Information

For more help setting up the Teamable Slack app, click here, or contact our support team.

You can also find out guide to the Teamable Slack app here.

What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging platform for teams – check out their software here.

What is Teamable?

Teamable is a smart referral platform that helps manage employee referral programs at scale, integrating seamlessly with your ATS so that you never lose track of another referral.

Teamable is made to supercharge your employee referral program.