Learn how to optimize and scale your hiring funnel with employee referrals.

Why Employee Referrals?


Faster in Hiring Candidates

Employee referrals are hired in 29 days whereas it typically takes 52 days through other hiring channels


Reduction in Cost per Hire

Traditional hiring ranges between $4k to $20k. Referral hiring (with an average referral bonus) costs $1k to $5k.


Interview Acceptance Rate

A referral who gets an interview has a 40% better chance of getting hired than any other sourced candidates.

How Does it Work?


Employees Connect their Public Networks

It takes a minute for employees to share their online connections from social networks and their email accounts, creating a high-performance talent pool that drives employee referrals and passive recruiting strategies.


Recruiters Gain Access to a 10x Talent Pool

Using Teamable’s seamless workflows and powerful search capabilities, recruiters can easily source and request warm introductions from employees directly connected to high-quality, passive candidates. Additionally, Teamable makes referrals easy for your employees by suggesting relevant candidates for open requisitions.


Employees Message
Connections with 2 Clicks

Employees can easily send a pre-drafted, HR-approved email directly to their contacts with only 2 clicks. Best of all, recruiters and hiring managers can review all outbound messages before they go out.


Hire, Track, and Reward!

Referral dashboards track candidates from discovery to hire, providing unprecedented visibility for employees and recruiters. Interactive leaderboards also promote referral behavior and inject friendly competition that keep employees engaged and referring candidates.

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