employee adoption rate
in 1 year

Employee size: 227
Industry: Location Data, Mobile, and Technology
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California (Southern)

Factual increases employee retention rate

Factual is the location data company the world’s most valuable brands and technology companies trust to understand and intelligently grow their businesses.

Factual Locates New Hires with Teamable

Data is changing the way people experience the world – from how they get around to how they solve problems. That’s why Factual uses location data to help companies put their business into context. A global organization, headquartered in Los Angeles, Factual provides product and engineering teams, marketers and data analysts with access to accurate, comprehensive data about people and places. With this information, today’s top brands and technology companies better understand their customers and how they interact with products and services. Behind the scenes, Factual relies on a tight-knit team to dig in and develop deep, actionable data insights. Guiding this work are five core values, created by Factual employees, which include ownership, transparency, inclusivity, graciousness and an analytical approach to the data.

The Situation

Committed to growing this well-established culture, Factual sought to expand its reach and welcome new hires to the team. The perks and policies are there, with emphasis on employee health, happiness and wellness, not to mention a fully stocked kitchen and kombucha on tap. Factual employees also benefit from flexible work hours and time off, weekly wellbeing classes and a nurturing family-like office environment.

So while traditional sourcing methods like job boards worked well enough, the company still felt that it could do more. To supplement its recruiting repertoire, Factual wanted to increase the diversity of its talent pool further and improve the employee referral process, recognizing the untapped potential of existing contacts – and for good reason. Research from Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP found that more than half of organizations cite employee referrals as a top source of high-quality candidates, promoting a strong return on investment and good cultural add. The search for a solution that supported this effort led Factual to Teamable.

“Our employees love Teamable. It’s easy for them to search through their networks, and refer candidates who are a strong fit for our open roles.”

– Sarah Hardin, Recruiter at Factual

The Solution

Offering a contemporary take on employee referrals, Teamable combines human interaction with intelligent technology to improve recruiting outcomes. As employees opt-in to Teamable, the solution explores their social media networks, searching for potential candidates that align with key considerations, such as work, skills, culture and diversity. Once Teamable suggests promising connections, recruiters engage with employees and request a warm introduction. With access to pre-approved messaging, employees already familiar with the company become recruiting ambassadors with just a few clicks. Opening up visibility and reinforcing corporate culture, Teamable helps track referred candidates and keep employees active in growing their team.

Factual Recruiter Sarah Hardin shared, “We are happy to announce that we have 144 employees signed up on Teamable right now, which is 73 percent of our company.”

In addition to high adoption rates, Teamable functions as a natural complement to its robust culture, helping find candidates with different backgrounds and experience. What’s more, Hardin explains, the company sees a higher retention rate for referred candidates. She says, “The new hires have a connection to Factual already, and usually end up staying at the company for a longer period of time.”