Increase in Referral Hires
In 2020

Record Growth at Canva Sees Double Referral Hires

Fueled by its strong performance in user growth, Canva is rapidly growing in prominence as a workplace collaboration platform. To support the new user acquisition, they needed to expand their team.

Canva Scales with Teamable as World Transitions to Remote Work

Canva’s recent $6bn valuation is attributed in part to their near exponential growth this past year, and comes along with a massive spike in users of the design software. By massive – we mean massive – Canva currently sees 80 designs per second happen all day, every day. As the world transitioned to remote work, Canva saw a rapid increase in user acquisition to their collaborative (and very user friendly) design platform. All those new users meant a strong need to hire the right people to support each of those acquisitions – and naturally, a lot of legwork for the recruiting team.

The Situation

To support the compounding growth of the business, Lead Recruiter at Canva, Scott Crowe and his team had to make a lot more hires, fast – “this past season we hired more people in three months than we had for the full year of 2018,” he explains.

If you talk about the total number of hires, there’s a lower top-of-funnel for referrals – especially when they come from people in their own industry. Engineers refer great engineers.

Scott Crowe, Lead Recruiter at Canva

How Teamable Helped

Canva started working with Teamable, back in 2017, when the team was only 300 people strong.  With Teamable on board, employees were quick to make referrals and engage with the platform. “We had a belief that once we hired more people, they’d be disengaged with hiring. But we haven’t. When we hire new people, we see spikes in engagement,” Scott explains. With Teamable already implemented, the team saw a 50% adoption rate that only continued to increase as more teammates were hired.

“As a recruiter, the friction point of quality vs. quantity is always important. For instance, for every 100 people sourced, you hire 10, or every 1,000 people sourced, you hire 10 – I know which I’d prefer,” Scott explains. After job boards and independent sourcing, Teamable is Canva’s top source of hire – and when you factor in that top-of-funnel, it’s the most efficient source as well.