Talent Partner Spotlight: Jessica Schertz

I’m Jessica, native Midwesterner, mom of two, and Lead Talent Partner here at TopFunnel. I graduated from the University of Illinois in three years, attended law school on a full scholarship, and then, promptly quit law school (I liked studying for the LSAT more than studying law). After that, I moved across the country and jumped feet first into parenthood.

Once my kids started school, and after another cross-country move to finish grad school, I wanted another challenge. Along came TopFunnel.

I joined the team in 2017 as our first Talent Partner. Today, I lead the team that helps other teams hire at scale. We offer talent solutions and services to hundreds of customers, helping them streamline everything from discovery to outreach to scheduling first-round interviews.

Collectively our team has sourced hundreds of thousands of candidates, eliminating the massive amounts of administrative work often required to find the right candidates. Together, we collaborate with our engineering team to hit aggressive recruiting goals, across all roles and company stages.

Our partners look to us to move quickly and free up more time to focus on interested candidates. I’m excited to be along for the journey and help them build!

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