Snooze: a new way to follow up with qualified candidates

Timing is everything. There’s a lot of factors that might cause a candidate to not be the right fit for an open role at your organization. But sometimes, even when it is a good fit, it’s not always the right time. This used to mean keeping track of qualified candidates in complex spreadsheets or in cluttered ATSs that remind you when to manually reach back out.

Now with TopFunnel, we’ve solved this problem, and the solution is as easy as hitting snooze! Snooze allows you to schedule follow up emails with candidates who are interested in your company but whom it’s not the right time when you initially reach out.

Here’s how it works

When a candidate responds by saying that “now’s not the right time”, we can launch TopFunnel for our Snooze functionality right in the email.

Then we’ll pick when we’d like to reach out next, scheduling our Snooze email for a later date.

Within the TopFunnel app, we can set up different Snooze messages for each campaign we’re running. Making sure our messages are targeting to the right type of candidates helps us get the responses we’re looking for when we reach back out.

Questions about Snooze? Sign into your account and chat with your account manager via our chat in the lower right-hand corner.

New to TopFunnel and want to check out the latest features? Sign up for a quick demo; we’re happy to walk you through everything that we do!

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