New, with TopFunnel: Sourcing on-the-go

We get it, you’re busy. To be a rockstar recruiter today means you need 40+ hours of work time . . . every day. It’s no wonder sourcing gets buried down in your to-dos.

Sourcing used to mean sitting down at your computer, opening 17 billion tabs, and getting to work. Now, with our new sourcing on-the-go feature for TopFunnel Mobile, you can source on your morning commute!

Sourcing on-the-go is easy. Simply open your favorite website or app (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, and more) and begin your search. When you’ve found a candidate you like, share their profile with TopFunnel using the “share via” action.

Candidates saved on-the-go go through the same process as candidates sourced with the web app. That means you’ll get the powerful deduplication technology behind TopFunnel as well as the full suite of personalized and automated touches your campaigns are built with.

Download the TopFunnel iOS App or Android App to get started. Questions about sourcing on-the-go? Feel free to connect with us at

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