More data is within reach with the new TopFunnel Outreach

Today, we’re excited to announce a first step in overhauling TopFunnel’s reporting capabilities! The new Outreach Page is now your central reporting center for all pre-ats touchpoints. With new filters and functionality, we’re surfacing more ways to slice-and-dice your data.

The new Outreach is the first of many pages to incorporate TopFunnel’s new look! The first thing you’ll notice when logging into TopFunnel is a new design for navigation. The TopFunnel menu has been tucked away into the left side of the app for easy access when you need it and more vertical real-estate when moving around the app.

You’ll also notice that the Outreach Table is surfacing more relevant Outreach data, including the candidate’s role, location, the Campaign sourcer, sender, the candidate’s TopFunnel Status, and more. Read about all the newly surfaced data here.

By leveraging the new Outreach Filters, you can segment your data to see high-level metrics for your segment, data-points and messaging for specific candidates within the group, as well as take bulk-actions on the list.

Clicking any row in the Outreach Table opens the Candidate Sidebar, where you can dive into the outreach messages for the candidate’s associated Campaign. Review any sent messages, as well as any scheduled follow-ups.

We’re excited to hear how you use the new Outreach Page to leverage all the insights TopFunnel has pre-ats! Check out our Support Center for more information on specific functionality or chat with us using the live chat feature in the lower right-hand corner!

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