How to Build & Manage Elite Engineering Teams [Presentations by Engineering Leaders at Google, Twitter, Uber, Facebook & SoundCloud]

At Teamable we are absolutely obsessed with forming better, more productive teams that drive more innovation, sales, customer success and demand for all the awesome things your company makes and does.  Whether it’s hiring top talent smarter and faster or managing your skilled talent in a way that they’re always working on something they’re good at and interested in with teammates they trust and thrive with, we strive to give our customers the tools they need to operate at the cutting edge of high performance.

One gap we noticed at many of our customers is knowing the best practices for engineering leadership such that they’re able to meet their impossible deadlines while at the same time creating an environment where their employees are happy and not tempted by all the other amazing job opportunities that are arriving in their inboxes almost daily. To that end, in cooperation with Hive Summit we recently hosted an engineering leadership summit where the top engineering leaders from companies such as Uber, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Urban Airship and SoundCloud presented their best advice for building, managing and hiring great teams. We believe the presentations and talks below represent the absolute bleeding edge on the how-tos of engineering management at high growth companies.

How to Build Teams – Alexander Grosse, Issuu VP Engineering & Former SoundCloud VP Engineering

Learn how to building customer-aligned, cross-functional teams from the guy who grew SoundCloud’s engineering team to over 100 people and in the process transformed how music is shared and discovered. 

How to Build Autonomous Teams, by Issuu VP of Engineering & Former Soundcloud VP of Engineering Alexander Grosse from Recruiting Technology


Autonomy Without Chaos – David Singleton, Engineering Director, Google Wearables, previously Mobile

Learn how to make autonomous teams work from the guy who builds cutting edge wearables for Google with teams in both London and Mountain View.

Autonomy Without Chaos, by Google Engineering Director David Singleton from Recruiting Technology


The Engineer-to-Manager Transition (The First 90 days) – Dave Loftesness, Former Director of Eng, Twitter

Learn how to transition from engineer to engineering manager (the first 90 days) from the guy who transitioned from all-star engineer to manager of 5+ high growth teams at Twitter.

The Engineer to Manager Transition, by Former Twitter Director of Engineering David Loftesness from Recruiting Technology


Distributed Teams – Dale Harrison, Engineering Lead, Facebook Messenger

Learn how to structure and manage distributed teams from the guy who led teams from both Twitter’s and Facebook’s NYC offices.

Scaling Distributed Engineering Teams, by Facebook Engineer Dale Harrison from Recruiting Technology


Those Who Can Should Teach (Building and Sustaining a Learning Culture) – Lennon Day Reynolds, Urbain Airship, Twitter

Learn how to create a learning culture as your engineering team scales.

Those Who Can Should Teach, by Urban Airship Senior Technical Advisor Lennon Day-Reynolds from Recruiting Technology


Bonus – Every Problem is a Scaling Problem – Raffi Krikorian, Engineering Lead, Uber, Former VP Eng, Twitter, Teamable Advisor

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