How Teamable Can Compensate for Your Reduced Talent Team

Within a business, the talent organization is the ultimate culture influencer. So what happens when the need to hire even temporarily or partially ceases?

Many of my close contacts have approached me over the past few weeks seeking advice on how to take control of their talent program during such a fraught time. The number one remedy I would suggest, at least in this immediate moment, is to start utilizing the tools that already belong to your tech stack.

Teamable’s goal is to expedite hiring times and forge connections that are otherwise far more difficult to make. While we weather this storm together, know that you are not alone.

Now let’s dive into how you can use Teamable to compensate for a reduced team, as well as the corresponding lull of energy and bandwidth that you may be experiencing.

Employee networks are free

Your employees’ networks are a resource.

While having access to your employee’s first degree connections is priceless, the literal price tag on those networks costs you nothing once Teamable is deployed.

How is this any different than searching for my employees’ connections on LinkedIn, you ask? The answer is simple.

Teamable gives your hiring team access to warm introductions. Think of it this way — would you accept an invite to a concert from a cherished former colleague, or a recruiter you’ve never met? Most of us would choose option one.

The main way you’ll conserve your energy is to use resources already available to you. The streamlined view and method of warm outreach that Teamable offers to employees’ networks is invaluable.

Teamable is fast

Lightning fast.

Whether you’re using Teamable to continue hiring, or to build your pipeline, the time your team once spent on cold outreach will be eliminated. This is extremely important for talent teams who have suddenly lost some of their key players. The warm outreach that Teamable facilitates is initiated in the platform by the click of a few buttons.

🔥 Pro tip: Here’s a breakdown of using Teamable in under 3 hours a week

Monday: Log into your instance and source for 20–30 minutes, depending on your needs.

Tuesday: Send out your intro requests with a fresh pair of eyes. This should take 10 minutes at the most.

Thursday or Friday: Log back into Teamable to continue the conversation with interested prospects and follow up with colleagues who did not reply to your intro requests.

Let’s talk about money

. If you’re using Teamable efficiently, you will eliminate the need for agency fees, which, in terms of ROI, cost about 4 times more than our annual license fee. Why spend $20–40k on an engineer hire when a talented engineer is already sitting in your Teamable instance?

🔥 Pro tip: Place a moratorium on hiring bonuses. I guarantee that your employees are thankful for their jobs. This is an effective policy that several of my clients have already implemented.

Be open about asking for help

I’m not a SaaS Oprah. No, I’m not (I wish I were). But I can’t help you unless I know what’s going on. That is because while many of my clients are struggling, I still have clients who are absolutely thriving.

Current Teamable customers: email me privately to request a complimentary services package that will help you get through this tough time. Who else remembers that old song “I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends”?

Focus on what you CAN control

Take this time to build a healthy pipeline, even if you are not in the position to contact prospects right now. If you know which hires will be most pressing to make once your budget allows, create private roles (these, as you know, intentionally do not sync with your ATS) within Teamable to use as a sourcing place marker.

🔥 Pro tip: Use this moment to source for diversity using Teamable’s diversity filters. Thousands of extremely talented, qualified applicants will be on the market for the next few months and they will want to see that your company cares about diversity. An appeal to ethos will be central in securing top talent later on this year. Diversity is the first step in that direction.

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