Announcing TopFunnel + Teamable

Today, we’re thrilled to share that referral-based recruiting platform Teamable is joining TopFunnel — and together, we’re building the most effective platform for companies to source, recruit, and scale. We’ve long admired Teamable’s approach and laser focus on employee-based recruiting; we (and our customers!) have likewise viewed their solution as highly complementary. So we’re excited to combine forces to take our platform to the next level.

The challenges companies face in scaling today are well documented. Recruiters and hiring managers often spend the majority of their time on administrative tasks like searching, emailing, and scheduling. Add to that the fact that only an estimated 5 percent of qualified candidates are actively looking for their next job, and the gap between prospective employers and candidates grows.

This tedium is exacerbated by current trends in technology, in which products have unbundled platforms to deliver piecemeal improvements on narrow tasks, without the holistic approach that actually helps get great people hired. What’s more, while there has been some innovation at the platform level in recruiting specifically, in many cases improvements simply provide new places to get more work done, rather than solutions that help make the work itself easier.

When we started TopFunnel five years ago, we had a bold vision: solving the big problem of sourcing terrific talent. That goal continues to guide us today. We automate much of the process around recruiting, helping to source the right candidates for the right roles — and send them the right message. There’s a reason why teams at Plaid, Rubrik, Noom, and InVision have turned to us in times of hypergrowth. For most companies, the single biggest determinant of success is their team. At TopFunnel, our only goal is to help our customers go from good to great.

That’s a big reason why bringing Teamable into the fold feels like a natural fit. Not only does their software complement our current offerings, but we also share an aligned worldview. We believe that taking a lot of the work out of recruiting can be a force multiplier, empowering our customers to actually focus on building great products and strong teams.

Together, we’re committed to bringing customers what they want, what makes them happy, and what delivers value. Onward.

Justin Palmer and Meruzh Danielyan.

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