3 Lessons from Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Talent Leaders

In a recent webinar we explored our learnings from over a year of market and user research that drove improvements in the Teamable platform. The following blog post captures the major takeaways from the conversation. The full webinar is available on demand here: 2017 Talent Acquisition Report and Product Launch.


1. Information is Paramount

Our biggest finding was that recruiting teams rely heavily on easy access to information on prospects and the reliability of that information. For all types of team structures, information on a prospective candidate must be available to all recruiters to make first-order decisions about whether to further review a prospect and second-order decisions about whether to reach out to them. Keeping track of that information and making it available throughout the interaction with that prospect is the key to optimizing the hiring process.


2. Recruiters Work in a Uniquely Distracting Environment

We heard a lot of stories about interrupted processes and putting out fires, and even in some cases, saw them in real-time during observation and user testing. Even with strong systems of record in place, data collection can be interrupted, making information sources incomplete or unreliable, especially when, as often is the case in recruiting, there needs to be an information handoff.

Having access to prospect history, including all interactions, in a way that can be trusted, helps high-performing teams do a better job of directing candidates into relevant roles and be more flexible in addressing their pipelines needs.


3. Referrals Benefit from a Defined Workflow

It was no surprise to us that our customers and other recruiters we spoke to praised referrals for bringing in high-quality prospects. However, they also added that referrals can be more complex, since they require employee engagement. Having a well defined referral program that makes the process transparent for your employees and easy to track for recruiters helps build trust into the system and works in a virtuous cycle.


Turning Research Into Product Design

Keeping Track of Everything

The main goal of the Teamable product redesign was to elevate and uncover all  the necessary information a recruiter needed to engage with a prospect. This includes having quick links out to various networks and profiles, as well as storing and displaying all of the interactions, statuses, and notes on the prospect’s profile. This history is visible to all of the recruiters on your team, so there aren’t an errors in information handoffs, including nurturing and re-engaging a candidate if they were not made or didn’t accept an offer the first time.

Built for Teams and Individuals

teamable consolidated pipeline for tracking referrals

We also created a consolidated pipeline per job opening, which allows recruiting teams and pods to work effectively together, as well as matching the workflow of a full-stack recruiter. Our customers have been able to define a variety of referral programs on top of the consolidated workflow, adjusting in ways to match their individual company needs. The workflow also allows easy re-allocation of sourcers and recruiters to match the changing needs of a growing company.

Transparency of Referrals

The well-defined pipeline for referrals allows us to share statuses with employees, so they can remain engaged in the referral process. It gives them the ability to check on how their referral is doing without having to track down the recruiter or hiring manager, as well as pass along new information.


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