in 7 months
of hires come
from Teamable

Employee size: 36
Industry: Cloud computing
Headquarters: San Mateo, California

Software Startup Uses Warm Introductions to Increase Diversity and Improve Hiring Outcomes

Armory enables digital transformation for Global 2000 enterprises that use Armory’s software delivery platform to execute their public and hybrid cloud strategic initiatives.

Armory Amps Up Culture with Teamable

Armory knows that software makes life better while unlocking tremendous value for companies that know how to use it. A rapidly expanding startup out of San Mateo, Calif., Armory leverages the Netflix-pioneered Spinnaker platform to help its clients update and make changes to their cloud-based software offerings without interrupting service to their customers. Two years old and growing up fast, Armory’s leaders include experienced entrepreneurs and innovators, who firmly believe that culture is the operating system of any startup, and integral to recruiting and hiring.

The Situation

With clearly defined corporate values and a highly specialized product offering, Armory needs the skill, talent and personality of senior polyglot engineers who love to code on the backend. Until recently, the company relied mostly on job boards to source for its open positions. Recognizing the limitations this presented, particularly in the search for technical talent, Armory decided to ask existing employees, investors and advisors for referrals, and though many had the contacts, they found that most didn’t have the bandwidth to dig in and extend the introduction.

After trying to complete this task manually, the Armory recruiting team sought a solution that would streamline this part of the recruiting process and make it easier for employees to participate and refer potential candidates. Always open to experimentation, they quickly discovered and selected Teamable to drive this initiative.

“50 percent of our hires have come from Teamable since we started using it a few months ago, and the cultural fit has been very strong.

Literally, for the first time in any of the startups I’ve done, recruiting is not my biggest pain point, thanks to Teamable.”

– DROdio, CEO of Armory

The Solution

Designed expressly around the power and viability of referrals, Teamable’s “crowdsourced” approach offers a win-win for all involved, taking the onus off of busy employees while giving recruiters the ability to source collectively. Once employees opt-in, Teamable scours their social media networks, taking into consideration essentials factors like work experience and relevant skills as well as company-specific variables such as culture and diversity. The solution then prompts the employees to send out messages to any identified connections to complete the warm introductions. Teamable works to blend AI-driven sourcing with human interaction, using existing employees who know the company and its culture, to enhance recruiting efforts and outcomes.

DROdio, CEO of Armory, commented, “In my past three startups I’ve been looking for a way to get my investors, advisors and team to actually, proactively help me recruit great employees. They always say they want to help, but there’s never been any system that makes it easy for them. Teamable is the first system that actually works.”

Seeing the benefits almost immediately, Armory considers the Teamable experiment a terrific success. Armory credits Teamable with helping it be more actionable in the search for diversity, finding stellar candidates for engineering, sales and developer roles and as a result, adding several key hires to the company’s tribal culture.